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David R. Van Duyn


David is the firm’s principal investment officer. For eight years prior to joining Patriot, David was with Fidelity Investments as Anti-Money Laundering Director, Investors Bank & Trust Company as Associate General Counsel and Putnam Investments as Counsel. David is a graduate of University of Southern California, with an A.B. in Economics in 1994, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, and from New England School of Law with a J.D. in 1997.

Our Legacy

Paul A. Mullare founded Patriot Mullare Associates, Inc. in 1986. Prior to forming Patriot, Paul was with the Pioneer Group of Boston, serving since 1981 as the Executive Vice President of Research and Investments. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Pioneer Group, a Trustee of the Pioneer Fund and a member of the common stock and bond investment committees for all mutual funds and separately managed private accounts. During his earlier years at Pioneer, Paul held the positions of Director of Research and analyst. Paul was at Pioneer for eighteen years.

Paul's decades of experience and success resided in Value Investing. A good company to Paul was one he understood through his own research and analysis, not Wall Street's. Paul spent hours reviewing regulatory filings, newspaper articles and industry publications to come to his own determination on a company's value. This was and continues to be Patriot Mullare's approach.

A true investment has a measurable margin of safety, defined as the excess of calculated intrinsic value over the price paid.

Benjamin Graham

Buy good stocks and have patience. You will find that having patience is harder than buying good stocks.

Philip L. Carret

First we try to find out if it’s a good business. And we don’t get into things we don’t understand.

Warren Buffet

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